Zach Norton

Catching Up With: Zach Norton 
Communications Graduate, Class of 2015

Zach graduated from Molloy College with a degree in Communications (Media) with a minor in Digital Art. He became interested in videography and digital art in high school when he started working on the morning announcement crew for the video department. Zach wanted to further this interest in college by learning to produce visual content for any audience. Since Zach had interest in both video and digital art, he wanted to learn how to combine both areas together by creating graphics and still images to incorporate into his short films. In doing so, Zach believed this would enhance his opportunities after graduation.

The courses that have helped him the most at his current job is the ones he took for his minor in Digital Art. This is due to not only having to create videos on a daily basis, but brochures for customers, employees and events. It has allowed him to be able to complete multiple tasks and not only have one role within the company. Zach believes this shows the importance of having a minor that complements your major. While at Molloy, the best advice given to him by the professors in the Communications Department was to always continue to learn. Zach added, “You are never done learning in a field like this. Always new techniques, processes and styles out there that you need to keep up with.”

Currently, Zach is the Creative Marketing Associate at Eastern Controls, Inc. in Edgemont, Pennsylvania. The main responsibilities of the position include graphic design of brochures and flyers, as well as for their website and social media campaigns. Zach also is responsible for filming and photographing events. He also helps create content for the company’s social media channels and helps with planning corporate events. In the future, Zach hopes to one day work in the creative department of a company and run his own multimedia business.

It’s been a year since graduating and Zach has many fond memories of his experience as a student at Molloy College in the Communications Department. “I enjoyed the friends that I met and the time we spent collaborating on projects, scripts and papers”, said Zach. In giving advice to incoming freshmen, Zach suggests that you get involved in as many Communications and campus activities as possible, such as Student Media where you can film college events. In giving advice to students who have just graduated Zach states, “Keep applying and don’t stop. Be ambitious and take chances. Do what you want to do before settling.”

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