Social Media Panel

On April 8, 2011, Dr. Drew Bogner, President of Molloy College, Dr. Deidre Pribram, Chairperson of the Communications Department, Dr. Janice Kelly of the Communications Department, and New Media Professor Jamie Cohen, gathered to discuss the rapid changes caused by new technologies, such as social media, and the effects they are having on our society.  All participations believe that a new kind of “public sphere” is emerging.  Dr. Bogner pointed out that while each user of social media has a voice, the individualized nature of communicating via computer enables each user to organize their own “reality.”  Professor Cohen suggested that education is absolutely necessary to raise awareness of the importance of social media, how to use it responsibly, and why it might be a potential tool for social change and activism.  The panelists agreed that the goal for educators is to make sure that students are not only connected but also aware and informed.

“Molloy College sat down with both faculty and students of all ages to clear the air about social media and its role in our progressive world.  While the audience was clearly divided on the matter, the conclusion was clear: perhaps sooner than we think, involvement in social media will not be an option but a requirement.” – Jessica Volpe, Class of 2012