Senior Seminar Presentations

Senior Seminar presentations are the culmination of two semesters of work on the part of Communications seniors, beginning in COM 488 – Senior Seminar I and continuing in COM 490 – Senior Seminar II. Communications majors are required to complete a thesis project that includes original research. In addition to these oral presentations, seniors submit a 25 to 40-page written version of their thesis project. This capstone experience of their time as Communications majors at Molloy College signals their achievements in research, speaking, writing, and analytical thinking.

Anna Russell-  The Boss Will See You Now: The #Metoo Movement

Danielle Pilla – Hold Your Horses! The Equestrian Bond

Maria Levantis- How to Get Away with Fair Representation: Television Portrayals of Same Sex Relationships

Liam Turner-  From Loss Aversion to World Series Rings: General Managers in Baseball

Matthew Considine- Ethics, Lies, and Videotape: Cable News Coverage on Family Separation Policy 

Tara Burns- Breaking the Fourth Wall: Dancers Connecting with Audiences

Meghan Bevan– Hell Hath No Fury: Female Action Heroes and Anger

Yanerys Marmol- Follow @TopLatinaCelebrities: #GivingBack

Cayla Gaimaro- Fashion and Feminism: More than Meets the Eye

Julissa Vasquez- Oh, the Places You’ll Go: Latinos in the U.S.

Lola Agboola- A Lesson in Learning: Elementary Engineers

Carey Browne- Leave Me Alone: Personalized Advertising on Social Media

Brendan Butler- Hit Me with Your Best Shot: The Aesthetics of Violence in Action Films