Professional Communications Concentration

Study the fascinating world of public relations and event planning at Molloy College.  The course work immerses students in creating media campaigns and writing vehicles used in public relations and event planning. Courses explore how social media platforms are being used in a corporate context to communicate to various publics.

A degree specialized in professional communications prepares students for careers in a broad spectrum of industries since public relations (or sometimes called public affairs) is practiced in many aspects of our society. As part of the 42 credits, Communication majors are required to complete an internship, preparing students for the practical application of all theoretical work.


COM 2290 Experiences in Corporate Communications (fulfills General Education requirement)

COM 2550 Public Relations

COM 2551 Public Relations Writing

COM 2590 Introduction to Advertising

COM 2600 Research in Communications

COM 2620 Social Media OR COM 3320 Advanced Online Advertising and Analytics

COM 3130 Interpersonal Communication

COM 3150 Organizational Communication

COM 3510 Advanced Public Relations  OR COM 3540 Foundations of Media Theory

COM 3610 Media Management

COM 4600 Communication Internship

COM 4900 Communications Seminar I

COM 4901 Communications Seminar II

Plus any three 2000 or 3000-level Communication Elective Courses
(9 credits) such as:

COM 2110 Gender and Communication

COM 2130 Intercultural Communication

COM 2240 Conflict and Communications

COM 2250 Family Communication

COM 2310 Online Branding

COM 2480 Online Journalism

COM 2500 Film Art

COM 2520 TV Studio Production

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8 Semester Plan

2019 Communications Professional Concentration
Molloy College Students Share their Professional COMmunications Experience
Arthena Sherwood
Arthena Sherwood –  May 2014 Graduate

I enjoyed being a Professional Communications major at Molloy. The faculty and staff were very supportive and helped me prepare to work in the field. For my major I was required to take Public Relations Writing. In this class, I learned how to write press releases and how to create newsletters. Due to my interest in event planning, I also decided to take “Event Planning.” These classes gave me more skills than I could imagine. When I started my internship at The City Council of New York, they were impressed by my skills. They were so impressed that they allowed me to write some of their press releases, media alerts, and even some of the council member’s speeches. Molloy prepared me for the opportunity of a lifetime, and I would recommend the Professional Communications program to anyone who is interested.

Alexis Lucente
Alexis Lucente –  May 2014 Graduate

My undergraduate experience in Molloy College’s Professional Communications Program has helped me professionally and personally. Initially, I was unsure of where my niche would be within this program; however, after taking Introduction to Public Relations with Professor D’Aloisio I immediately realized my passion for PR, marketing, and advertising. Without the Professional Communications program at Molloy I would not be where I am today. The program was truly a catalyst to all my current and future success. In the fall of 2014 I will be obtaining my Masters in Italian with a concentration in Communications at Middlebury College in Florence, Italy. I am genuinely excited and in debt to the professional communications program at Molloy. It has opened and will continue to open many doors for me as a communications professional.

Rebecca Arnzen –  May 2014 Graduate

My Public Relations classes at Molloy have given me a tremendous amount of knowledge in technical writing for press releases, as well as the ability to develop creative concepts for publications and events. Through newsletters, campaigns, and writing articles, I have gained a glimpse into the world of PR, and have been able to use these skills in my professional life. I’ve been able to offer advice and creative input for my job’s newsletter, as well as showcase my knowledge and skills in PR on recent job interviews. The PR courses offered at Molloy, have given me confidence going into the field of public relations by understanding how to develop creative campaigns as well as the knowledge of both technical and creative writing.