Martina Lent Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Martina Lent

Martina_picDuring the summer break, Martina interned for a company called Isagenix. She found the internship by setting up a LinkedIn profile and applying to several organizations. Martina had many responsibilities during her time at Isagenix such as answering calls, making schedules, and helping plan out events with her supervisors. She also had to regularly post on their social media channels and help with advertisements.

When starting her first day at the internship, Martina had many goals she wished to accomplish. She wanted to gain experience and apply the skills she learned in her professional communications courses to the internship. Martina added, “I hope to someday work in the event planning field and I feel that this internship gave me plenty of insight into the industry.”  By working on projects, planning and scheduling events for Isagenix, it taught Martina how much hard work and dedication it takes to be successful.

Martina applied many skills from her professional communications courses that helped her succeed at the internship. Martina stated, “Organizational Communication taught me the basics of appropriate behavior in the work environment and Introduction to Advertising enabled me to produce campaigns on social media sites.”

While at her internship, Martina was given advice from her supervisor from the minute she started working for the company. She said her supervisor always told her to set a goal and always work towards it. Martina added, “This helped me throughout my internship because I had a goal to complete all tasks and to do my best. This advice helped me believe I was going to do well and accomplish my goals.”

In giving advice to students about to start their internship, Martina offered the same advice her supervisor gave to her, which was to set a goal and believe you are going to accomplish it. Martina added, “Always work hard for what you want because you will do well as long as you believe that you can do it!”

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