Live Tweeting the Academy Awards

by Nick Crispino

The Communications Department will be hosting a “second screen” experience for all members of the Molloy community through their Twitter account, @molloycomdept, during the 85th Annual Academy Awards, on Sunday, February 24th.

For those of you who don’t know what the term “second screen” means, it refers to using an additional electronic device, such as a tablet or smartphone, which allows a television audience to interact with the content they’re watching.

For example, you text a friend or comment on your Facebook about a television show while it’s airing. Chairperson of the Communications Department, Dr. Deidre Pribram, Professor Tom Kenny and Administrative Assistant Matthew Rizzo will be contributing their thoughts during the entire broadcast of the Oscars on Twitter and they want you to join in.

“Students love to hear our thoughts and opinions on who’s going to win and we also want to hear what our students think,” said Kenny. “In addition, we wanted to do something more interactive with the students to get followers for our Twitter page.”

Kenny, who made the idea of a “live tweet” possible for the Molloy community, said it will be a great avenue to partake in the discussions about the Oscars, especially for communications students who want to work in the film industry.

“We have many students with a media major trying to be the best director or film editor,” said Kenny. “We want to engage in a dialogue on the subject matter that’s inside the classroom while doing so on another medium and platform.”

One of the main goals of the Communications Department is to shine a positive light on using social media as a tool for conversations while at the same time enhancing the department’s use of new media.

Dr. Pribram explained, “As we’re studying it [media] I think it’s important to remember what a popular force it [media] is in our culture and the many ways people use it.”

This isn’t the first time the Communications Department held a “second screen” experience for the Molloy community. During the Screen Actor Guild Awards, students, alumni and faculty participated, tweeting back and forth to each other.

When asked about why she decided to participate in the twitter conversations, Dr. Pribram said, “I think it was the idea of having a conversation while watching the show with members in your field.”

According to Kenny, the first trial was a success as the Communications Department received ten more followers.  “There was a huge interaction within the whole community,” said Kenny.

The communications department would also like to let you know that students need not fear about their comments being used against them. Even though there are no repercussions for students who want to express their opinions.

Professor Kenny does ask that followers act in a kindly manner, stating “I would use social media etiquette, don’t say something your mother wouldn’t say.”

Dr. Pribram also acknowledges that student comments won’t be held against them in the classroom, explaining, “this has nothing to do with their academic standing, they can say whatever they want and it will not affect how we see them as students and people.

Dr. Pribram went as far as to say she wouldn’t even participate if students weren’t allowed to freely express themselves.

If you don’t have a Twitter account but want one, it’s free and takes several simple steps to acquire one. The “live tweet” will begin at 8 P.M. that Sunday, but Kenny says you can tweet at any time.