Lissette Munoz

Catching Up With: Lissette Munoz
Communications Graduate, Class of 2009

Lissette_ArticleLissette is fascinated by the worlds of media and Public Relations. She has gained knowledge and experience for both thanks to the courses she took at Molloy College. She became interested in the field of communications because she always enjoyed being creative and thinking of new ideas. She knew majoring in communications would benefit her chances of getting on the path she was looking for.

When Lissette took her first communications course, her goal was to get a feel for the field and focus on an area of interest within it to figure out a potential career. Lissette enjoyed all of her courses, TV Studio Production especially. She was able to work creatively with teams and was challenged to think outside of the box.

Lissette loves looking back on the videos she filmed while at Molloy. She enjoyed the process of scriptwriting and storyboarding. Lissette’s communication professors advised her to consider grad school and coached her on how to handle job interviews. These lessons aided her greatly with her goals for the future.

Lissette interned with the Communications department during her time at Molloy. She was responsible for assisting with various tasks. She organized equipment, kept track of the sign-up sheet for using equipment and conducted research, among other things.

Lissette’s educational experience continued to NYIT, to acquire a Master’s degree in communications. She enjoyed her time spent there, especially when she had the chance to work with real life clients. Her favorite memory was being part of a video shoot for a local singer. She encourages students to go on to graduate school in order to specialize in areas they would consider for a career. Also, she knows firsthand as someone in the workforce that many corporate companies consider it an asset or even a requirement.

The communications courses that have had the most effect on Lissette’s career are Public Relations, Group Discussion, TV Studio Production, and Public Relations. With Public Relations, she discovered her passion for creativity and event planning. It was through that class she figured out exactly what she wanted to do for a career. Group Discussion was helpful is preparing her for working independently and as part of a team for her current job. Studio Production taught her how to be an asset for any company and familiarize her with software and editing techniques. It also aids her in freelance work.

Lissette’s senior seminar paper was written about how Latinas are perceived in Hollywood films. She analyzed movies dating back to the 40s to try to prove that although the stereotypes are somewhat different in present day, they are still there. She learned from the experience as she modified her paper and the class was beneficial to her personally. The classed helped her educate herself and not settle for less than the truth.

Lissette went on to be a Marketing Assistant for Nikon. She now works for Canon as a Product Marking Specialist for the Latin America Printer Division. She says “I feel very blessed, as my job gives me the ability to travel to South America visit my family more often in Colombia.” She also does freelance work for event planning. She is a part of her parish’s youth ministry as a youth leader.

Lissette encourages incoming communications freshman to take advantage of each course they take. She advises that they learn as much as possible and take an active role in the department to enhance their college experience. Most importantly, she stressed the importance of not being discouraged from choosing a major they are so passionate about. She advises recent graduates to attend grad school and strive to get at least a part time job in the field. She says to be patient, since finding a suitable job can be a struggle. She says that there is no shame in starting out as an assistant. If graduates give it their all, they will be offered better positions.

Lissette is enjoying her experience and the lessons she learns working at Canon. She plans to continue with freelance and volunteering. In the future, she hopes to have her own Marketing and Event Planning agency and have her own cosmetic brand.

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