Lauren Ernst

Catching Up With: Lauren Ernst
Communications Graduate, Class of 2012

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Lauren is pictured left

Lauren Ernst majored in Professional Communications at Molloy College.  Communications sparked her interest because she knew it would help her discover what she wanted to do.  She loved the classes and professors she had.

Initially, Lauren’s goals when she took her first communications course were to improve upon her commutation, organizational and writing skills.  Some of her favorite communications courses were Organizational Communications, Understanding Social Media and Advanced Public Relations.  Through taking Organizational Communications, she learned how to communicate in a work environment.  She found the course helpful in preparing to enter the corporate world.  Understanding Social Media interested her because she feels that social media is something everyone uses, and that it has advanced rapidly within the past few years.  She liked that Advanced Public Relations came to her as a challenge.  It helped her become a better writer.

Lauren transferred to Molloy her sophomore year.  She looks back on her time fondly, having especially enjoyed being on the Molloy Women’s Rugby team.  She made many great friends and currently competes in tournaments with the Molloy Alumni team.

According to Lauren, the best advice she received from her communication professors that helped her after graduation was to network.  She was able to establish connections with people and get hired in the job she currently has.

In her junior year, Lauren interned with the Girl Scouts organization.  She was responsible for writing up biographies about the Girl Scouts who received the Gold Award.  Along with that, she helped organize different events.  One of which was the Cookie-Send-Off, where Girl Scouts send cookies to our troops over seas.  She also contributed her opinions to meetings she sat in on.

Lauren presently works at The Madison Square Garden Company.  She started there the summer after she graduated from Molloy, in a temporary position.  Soon after she was promoted to Guest Relations Coordinator.  She handles guests’ inquires and issues for Radio City Music Hall, The Beacon Theatre, Madison Square Garden Arena/The Theater at Madison Square Garden, Chicago Theatre and the LA Forum.  Lauren has learned how to multitask more efficiently and communicate with people better through this job.

The communications course that had the most effect on her current position is Organizational Communications.  She learned how to be a good communicator.  A vital skill for dealing with guests the way she does every day.

The title of Lauren’s senior seminar paper was “Female Sports Reporters: Respected or Resented”.  She researched how well-known female sports reporters were viewed by the public in comparison to male reporters.  She focused on the controversy surrounding female reporters being allowed in locker rooms as well as their mistreatment.  Senior seminar benefited Lauren because it improved her writing skills and taught her how to be a better researcher.

Lauren would advise a freshman student taking their first communications course to take notes and pay careful attention.  She says everything taught in communication courses is useful in preparing for careers and in day-to-day life.

Lauren encourages students who just graduated to continue networking themselves by making a LinkedIn account.  She says this will help in establishing connections with people from potential companies that graduates might be interested in working with.

The main goal Lauren has for the future is to obtain her dream job, working for the Community Relations department with the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.  This job will combine her love for sports and giving back to those less fortunate in the community.

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