Latoya Johnson

Catching Up With: Latoya Johnson
Communications Graduate, Class of 2013

Latoya Alum ArticleLatoya chose to major in Communications because of the popularity and reach of the field.  She wanted to gain a better understanding of media and what it brought to society.  Initially, Latoya was looking to earn a degree for a different field, but she found that she did not have a passion for it like she did media.  With that in mind, she searched for schools that offered communications courses and decided to attend Molloy College.

It was tough for Latoya to limit her favorite courses.  When asked what they were, she listed Intro to New Media, Television Studio Production, History of Media, Editing and Post Production, Film Art, Advanced Video Production and Understanding Television.  All of these courses allowed her to gain hands on experience in the field of communications.  She also enjoyed learning the history behind the industry.  Latoya made some of her fondest memories as a college student while working on productions in class.  Her professors reminded her how important going to graduate school was in order to build a career.  They also told her to strive for greatness and never give up on her dreams.

Latoya interned in the television studio at Molloy College while she was a student.  She was responsible for creating social media posts for the Molloy communications department various networks.  She also shot and edited videos for the COM department’s website.  Latoya is now pursuing her Master’s Degree at The New School in New York City.  She is involved in the Masters of Art program and majoring in Media Studies.  She plans to concentrate on aspects of production and post-production, as well as work toward a certificate in documentary media studies.  She is confident graduate school will aid her in building a professional profile.

Latoya uses the skills she learned from all of her TV production courses at her church.  She films the masses on Sundays and edits the video to many platforms.

In senior seminar, the title of Latoya’s paper was:  “Cellphone:  A Simple Pleasure or the Secret Destruction of Familial Communication?”  She tested the way in which mobile phones contribute to the lack of face-to-face communication between children and parents.  The course was beneficial in teaching the discipline of how to write a research paper.  This will prepare her for writing a thesis in Graduate school.

In her job at Broadridge Financial Solution, Latoya oversees all shareholder mailings.  She also ensures that the proper staff levels are in place in order to support the ongoing business.  She is the coordinator for team meetings and supervisor for issues with other departments.  Latoya has also started her own business, called Anointed1 Media Productions, which offers wedding and birthday videos as well as church productions and commercials for websites among other things.

Latoya would like incoming freshman to remember that their first year at college is a huge transition period in their lives.  She advises that they challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone and be passionate about courses they take.  She encourages them to recognize their talents and put them to good use, while being open to discovering new ones.  “Remember that changes are both necessary and inevitable,” she says.  She advises that freshman never be afraid to ask professors and advisors for help.

The advice Latoya offers to students that have just graduated is to always continue learning. She urges them to understand their vision for the future, and realize that it has value.  She says it would be helpful for students’ professional journeys if they do networking for a professional association, along with adding content to their portfolio.

Latoya has goals for the future in her personal and professional life.  She hopes to obtain her master’s degree in media studies.  She would like to be part of a company where she can utilize the knowledge, skills and experience she gained at Molloy to aid the company in achieving their goals.  She would like her business to continue to grow.  Also, she wants to build a school in Jamaica.  Aside from that, Latoya says she wants to enjoy her life, build a family and travel the world.

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