Kris Kelly Internship Experience

 My Internship Experience: Kris Kelly

Kris Kelly PicLast semester, I interned at Hill Holliday. It is an advertising agency based in Boston with additional offices in New York City. I found my internship through a ton of research. I had aspirations of working in the field of advertising so I figured I’d get a head start by interning with an agency. I set my standards high, and put into search engines, “Advertising Agencies in NYC.” When the results came up, I went directly to these agencies websites and searched if any of them were offering internship opportunities. Luckily, I stumbled across a couple that did offer internships, and applied directly through their website.

I had several goals upon starting the internship. I wanted to use this experience to prepare myself for a professional career and environment. I also wanted to gain an idea of what the general office duties were at an advertising agency. My last goal was to get into a routine of completing daily tasks assigned by my supervisors. I had a lot of daily responsibilities such as sending out the “Hotsheet” which is a memo that has a list of tasks that needs to be completed and when. This agency has many different departments that co-exists with each other, so I would send an email out in the morning, letting the attendees of the daily meeting know when and where to meet so we can discuss the objectives listed on the Hotsheet.

This internship definitely helped me with my future career goals. I think it really helped me understand how to utilize my skills in a professional setting. As far as career goals, it helped me understand the chain of command and the different level of positions within a company. This allowed me to put a timestamp of where I want to be in the future, and how long it may take for me to get there. Before I left my internship, my supervisor offered some key advice for the future, which is to manage your time properly. In other words when your in a position where you have multiple tasks to finish, make sure you’re leaving yourself enough time to be able to complete everything.

After completing the internship, I am definitely more knowledgeable about the field of advertising. The “hands-on” experience and sitting in on important meetings allowed me to get a first hand experience of how the industry works. My biggest advice for students looking for an internship or about to start one is don’t just complete an internship because of the fact that it’s a requirement for the curriculum. Go into your internship with the insight of knowing what you want to do for a career after Molloy College. Do your research as to what companies excel in that specific field, and see if they offer internships. This will allow you to develop an idea of what you want to do, and then intern with a company that is directly in that field. You don’t have to “love” your internship, but you still gain valuable experience of how the industry works. Once the internship is over you will be able to have this experience on your resume, which will impress future employers.

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