Kim Mancuso

Catching Up With: Kim Mancuso
Communications Graduate, Class of 2010

Poise.   In hindsight, this is the driving force behind my success thus far.

As a third year transfer student, I completed requirements for the communications program in slightly less than 2 years and graduated in May 2010.

During the weeks leading up to graduation, I was extremely preoccupied with preparing for my internship, as well as completing my senior thesis, that I wasn’t only nervous, but overwhelmed as well.  Many of my friends had already graduated a semester earlier and were having a difficult time breaking into their industries.

At the same time, I was at an advantage not having to seek work directly following graduation, and was heading to Belgium for an eight-week internship program.  I was eager to hit the ground running, and from that point on that’s exactly what I did.

I was one of the fortunate students to participate in the Molloy internship program abroad through Vesalius College in Brussels.  I interned with the international political magazine New Europe.  The opportunity was once in a lifetime, and within the program I was given the freedom to explore various aspects of the business including public relations, marketing, advertising sales, and journalism.

As my duties primarily focused on marketing development, my daily responsibilities included researching potential newspaper contributors for editorial and sponsorship purposes; attending European Commission Conferences to promote sales and brand awareness for the magazine; and building a client base of online advertisers for emerging digital business.

Some of the more exciting opportunities involved independent projects; for example, I was given free reign to organize an independent journalism project which would be an adaptation of my recent senior thesis research on the effects of social media.  The project evolved into an authored and published article based on the rising controversy in Europe of adolescents’ relationship with social media, which included a private interview with the European Commissioner’s Spokesperson for data protection.

New Europe really allowed me to partake in projects that were outside of my skill set but that piqued my interest. One particular project that helped prepare for future professions, was editing pages on circulation day before final printing.  While this seems like a tedious task, the learning was twofold: the ability to work efficiently in a fast paced environment under strict deadlines, and also to truly appreciate the importance of proofreading. Proofing materials is an integral part of my current role, as the manner in which you present yourself in writing is a direct reflection of the company or brand you are representing.

Being on my own in a foreign country took a lot of growing up over a short period of time.  The experience itself was eye opening, as it really allowed me to appreciate diversity amongst people, cultures, lifestyles, etc.  Learning to adapt in changing environments was a huge advantage moving into the professional world.

After completing my internship, I returned to New York with a slight change of plans.  Rather than moving forward with the public relations career I had sought after college, I decided to continue building experience in the advertising and marketing sector of the industry, two fields which I had become fully immersed in during my internship with New Europe.

I accepted my first job as marketing coordinator for a REO/Foreclosure Real Estate Company, working closely with marketing managers to develop internal and external strategies for generating sales and building a loyal client base.
While this experience allowed me to grasp the ins and outs of the marketing sphere, it was also short-lived as I was eager to return to the publishing world.

After endless persistence combined with a stroke of luck, I landed a free-lance position with the well-known publisher of many of my favorite magazines, Condé Nast.

Today, I celebrate two years with Condé Nast, and I am the Senior Sales Planner to the corporate sales team.  As digital sales liaison to four specific categories of clients, I work directly with sales directors and marketing solutions departments to spearhead multi platform advertising opportunities across all Condé Nast properties (to include 18 magazines, 27 websites, and 50 mobile/tablet apps).

At this point in life, excelling in my career has been my greatest accomplishment. I have learned the importance of seizing significant moments, and in turn many doors have opened along the way.  It is my goal to continue opening doors for future opportunity.  A huge part of my success at work can be attributed to my ongoing curiosity and fulfilling my need to always keep up to speed on what is going on within the industry as well as within the company.

Within the next few years, I would like to steer down a slightly different path and explore other passions.  Now that I have found something that I love, I want to continue finding out what else I am good at.  I will eventually pursue a career in events coordinating which will allow me to master more socially integrated projects from initial planning through final execution.

As a final note, I want to share the following quote as it speaks volumes whenever I am reflecting on the past:

“Be ready when opportunity comes…. Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.” —Roy D. Chapin Jr.

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