Jaclyn Moirano Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Jaclyn Moirano

Jaclyn_InternIn the spring 2015 semester, Jaclyn interned at Goods and Services located in New York City. It is a fashion showroom company that offers a tailored platform for designers around the world to grow successfully. They specialize in brand merchandising and sales strategies. She credits finding the opportunity with the help of internship coordinator Dr. Janice Kelly. “She was the one who reached out to the company and sent them my resume. After reviewing, they contacted me for an interview”, said Jaclyn.

Jaclyn held many responsibilities and duties during her tenure at Goods and Services. She interned during fall market, which is a time where designers showcase their new Fall lines to name brand designers. When interning during fall market, she was responsible for making sure each appointment ran smoothly. Jaclyn continued, “I worked side by side with the models and helped dress and style them for each client. I organized different orders to send out to buyers as well as kept the sample room in order to make it easy for everyone to find what they needed.” She also worked at a fashion trade show held at the Javits Center in New York City called Coterie. Goods and Services showcased three different designer brands to buyers from all over the world. Jaclyn was in charge of collecting all of the necessary information from the potential new buyers.

Jaclyn had many goals she wanted to achieve while interning for Goods and Services. She wanted to gain as much experience and knowledge of the fashion industry as well as broaden her horizons on any potential new fields. “I wanted to understand how buying and selling worked and what made certain clients remain loyal to certain designer brands. I also wanted a chance to network and meet a wide variety of people that could help expand my knowledge on a different field.” One of the most important lessons Jaclyn learned while interning in the fashion industry was that even the minor details is crucial and if one thing goes wrong, it can potentially cause a chain reaction that can lead to disasters. She also mentioned, “Paying attention to detail is extremely vital in this type of industry. There is no room for mistakes.” One piece of advice on of her supervisors gave to her during the Coterie fashion show was to take advantage of this time in your life and to always shine. “My supervisor said you must always find a way to sparkle and make yourself valuable or else any company hiring will look right past your resume.”

In giving advice for students researching internships, Jaclyn advised to always be open to trying something new and never limit yourself because you might intern at a place you never thought you would have an interest in and wind up loving it. She continued, “Be willing to experience different things but also do not settle for something that you don’t think will benefit you in the end.” In closing, Jaclyn offered advice to students starting their first day of interning. “Have fun. Be wiling to learn new things and ask a lot of questions. The people you intern for will love the fact that you are asking questions since it shows that you are interested in what is going on. Asking questions also opens the door for more conversations to happen.”

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