Student Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Taylor Curran

After applying at the company for close to three years, Taylor Curran finally landed her dream internship at Madison Square Garden. After interning in the newsroom at Fox Five, Taylor made a contact who worked at MSG Sports at the Garden. Her contact provided her with insight on how to improve her resume as well as how to market herself in the sports industry.  After taking her contacts advice in reapplying for the student associate program, Taylor made it through two rounds of interviews and obtained a position as an intern for MSG networks.  She began her internship in January 2017. “Each day at MSG Networks was different. It wasn’t a typical 9-5 job because I was in the production department and what we did depended on what team was playing, how the teams were doing and the show schedules,” says Taylor.

Taylor’s responsibilities varied greatly throughout her internship.  She was required to complete a semester long project to create new ideas for the company’s viewers.  The project would then be presented to the executives and department heads including the CEO for the company. “At MSG networks I gained hands on experience. The producers and the talent would really sit down and explain what it was they were doing and how they prepared for a broadcast or taping,” says Taylor.

Taylor experienced great rewards as an intern at MSG one of which includes her going to the New York Rangers practice facility at the MSG training facility. Taylor talks about this experience saying, “I was working on a show called AV Squad and they film after morning practices. I was able to go there with the production crew, watch practice, take notes on the players, and help the producer and talent prepare what was going to be talked about during the show taping. Not many people get to say they interviewed top NHL players during their internships and that was something I was so proud to be a part of and to see come together on TV.”


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