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My Internship Experience: Joshua Chapdelaine

Josh Chapdelaine, a New Media major at Molloy College worked as an intern for Newsday Media Group’s Digital Sports Desk for It was at this internship where Josh took on responsibilities associated with online content production, content distribution across multiple platforms, social media management and news aggregation.

Josh makes use of the many skills he has obtained during his time at Molloy especially those in New Media. “All New Media courses were relevant to my experience. Dr. Pribram’s Media Theory course and the ability to think about how media works in synergy were additionally helpful.”

During his time at Newsday Josh was given intuitive advice from his supervisor – advice that he still remembers today. “Treat your employees the way you wish for them to lead in the future. Work and lead by example- stay attentive, and keep your head on a swivel.” Josh believes the ability to balance these responsibilities makes him valuable in the workplace.

Ultimately, Josh says the opportunity to intern at Newsday was an extremely rewarding and invaluable experience. “I was able to experience office life, a professional media setting, and work with top-tier professionals that were able and willing to assist and lead in multiple capacities.”

Josh encourages new interns to remain persistent and fearless saying, “Never let anyone in the room want it more than you do. Ask questions, don’t be afraid to mess up, and make as many connections as possible.”


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