Spring 2018 Courses

SP 18 Finals Schedule

COM 110 Experiences in Communication – 3 credits
An introductory course designed to acquaint students with basic theories in verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and advertising. Students will develop their communication skills through group discussion, oral presentations, and an analysis of ads in print media. A significant portion (at least 50%) is formal oral presentation work. This is a Communications Speech General Education course.

01 TR 10:40 a.m. – 12:05 p.m. w/Prof. Alice Byrnes (W001)
02 F 9:05 a.m. – 11:55 a.m. w/ Prof. Karen Beck (W001)

COM 120 Oral Interpretation of Children’s Literature – 3 credits
Study of representative types of literature for children including the picture book, folk literature, modern tales and poetry. Practice in communicating this literature through storytelling and other forms of interpretation. A significant portion (at least 50%) is formal oral presentation work. Meets the Speech Communication General Education requirement for Childhood Education majors only.

01  R 6:35p-9:25pm w/ Prof. Jean Devlin (W127)
02 S 9:05am-11:55am w/Prof. Jean Devlin (W127)

COM 210 Public Speaking – 3 credits
Experience in the preparation, design, and delivery of oral presentations, including an understanding of audiences and settings. Attention will be given to techniques of informative and persuasive speeches. Emphasis on the development of professional presentation and speaking skills.

01 TR 9:05 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. w/Prof. Lynn Kennedy (W014)
02 TR 10:40 a.m. – 12:05 p.m. w/Prof. Lynn Kennedy (W014)
03 MW 5 p.m. – 6:25 p.m. w/Prof. Joanne Marlin (W205)

COM 211 Gender & Communication – 3 credits
Study of the complex ways in which communication, gender and culture interact. Exploration of the ways gender is socially constructed and how one’s verbal, nonverbal, and mediated communication affirms or challenges prevailing gender standards. Students will participate in research and oral presentations on gender-related topics.

01 MW 10:40am-12:05pm w/ Prof. Janice Kelly (W105)
03 TBA w/Prof. Brendan Caputo (Online)

COM 222 Media, Culture and Society- 3 credits
Using sociological concepts, students will examine both the history of the media and the present concentration of power. Issues such as censorship, focused advertising, political cartoons and civil rights will be discussed. The students will explore both print and visual media as well as the impact of new technology with special emphasis on the Internet.

01 M 6:35pm-9:25pm w/ Prof. John Alberda (W205)

COM 225 Family Communication- 3 credits
An introduction to communication phenomena in the setting of the family. The goal is to understand how we develop, maintain, enhance or disturb family relationships through communication. The course covers verbal and nonverbal skills as they apply to family communication.

01 TR 12:15pm-1:40pm w/ Prof. Janice Kelly (W118)

COM 229 Experience in Corporate Communication – 3 credits
This introductory course examines important corporate communication areas, such as internal and external forms of communication and considers the ways in which mass media and new technology have influenced how we communicate. In addition, particular emphasis is focused on the development of writing, speaking, interpersonal, team and leadership skills.
01 w/Prof. Janet Douglas-Pryce (Online)
02 F
 9:05 a.m. – 11:55 a.m. – w/Prof. Beryl Williams (W205)

03 TR 10:40am-12:05pm – w/Prof. Janice Kelly (W105)

COM 230 Scriptwriting for Media – 3 credits
A course that introduces the process of writing basic scripts for television and the web, including public service announcements, webisodes and TV fiction. The course covers script format, structure, characters, action and dialog.

01 TR 1:50pm-3:15pm w/ Prof. Tom Kenny (W001) 

COM 231 Online Branding – 3 credits
An introduction to branding that will showcase a student’s skills, expertise and accomplishments through the web. Students will begin creating their “individual brand” by writing a cover letter and resume, developing strategies for their social media sites and organizing content for potential employers. Students work together and independently to promote their “brand” over particular channels.
01 TR 10:40am-12:05pm w/ Prof. Tom Kenny (W205)

Hybrid Course, Please check dates on Lions Den

COM 239 Public Speaking for Business – 1 credit
This course will develop students’ public speaking and presentation skills for business. The course emphasizes elements of a good speech, key message development and effective communication in crisis situations.
01 F 12:05pm-2:00pm w/Prof. Beryl Williams (W205)
(1/16 – 3/7)
02 F 12:05pm-2:00pm w/Prof. Beryl Williams (W205)

COM 247 Sports Communication- 1 credit
Students will examine the relationship between sports and media (print, online, radio, television and film). Key issues include sports and violence (on and off the field), gender participation and gender neutrality in coverage, as well as economic and political considerations.

01 M 6:35pm-8:25pm w/ Prof. Joanne Marlin (W105) (1/16-3/7)

COM 255 Public Relation Writing– 3 credits
Writing-Intensive Course This course explores approaches and techniques for conducting research and writing within the public relations context. Components include: journalistic research, copy-writing, research and writing for broadcast, web research and writing for the web. The course focuses on writing skills, attention to one’s audience and how professionals deal with issues ethically.

01 TR 10:40 a.m. – 12:05 p.m. w/Prof. Jacqueline Hansen (W127)
02 MW 3:25pm-4:50pm. –w/ Prof. Joanne Marlin (W001)

COM 257 Event Planning– 1 credit
The course will explore the skills needed to successfully create, plan, and implement events as well as learn how to manage staff and staffing problems. Topics will also include risk management, financial control, and successful event evaluation.
01 W 6:35 p.m. –8:25 p.m. w/Prof. Jillian Johnis (W205)
02 W 6:35 p.m. –8:25 p.m. w/Prof. Jillian Johnis (W205)

COM 260 Research Communications- 3 credits
An introduction to scholarly research in the field of communications. Students will search for, carefully read and provide detailed written summaries of journal articles. They will also learn how to create a properly formatted works cited page. Assignments include writing research papers, with multiple drafts, based on scholarly articles.
01 TR 1:50p.m. – 3:15 p.m. w/Prof. Janice Kelly (W105)

COM 261 Media in the 21st Century– 3 credits
This course is a companion to COM 355 History of Media. Media in the twenty-first Century examines the historical background and impact of more recent technologies. Specifically, this course will examine how different types of mass media, such as the television, phone and Internet, have been augmented in ways that were unanticipated fifty years ago. The class will look at the development of recent media and teech industies tah are helping shape our mediated world.
TR 9:05am-10:30am w/ Prof. Brian Cogan (W019)

COM 262 Social Media – 3 credits
The course covers the emerging trend of social media. Students will learn about different forms of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) how they are used, the social and ethical issues they raise and the ways they are altering our culture.

01 w/ Prof. Tom Kenny (Online)

COM 313 Interpersonal Communication – 3 credits
The course focuses on the development of the interpersonal communication skills necessary for building and maintaining positive relationships in both a personal and professional environment. Topics of study include an orientation to interpersonal communication, verbal and non-verbal communication in career and personal relationships, perception of self and others, listening, managing conflict, response skills, cultural and gender considerations, characteristics of leadership and effective work groups and job interviewing. Students will study various theories and practice skill development. A significant portion (at least 50%) is formal oral presentation work. This is a Communications Speech General Education course.
01 MW 12:15pm-1:40pm w/Prof. Janice Kelly (W105)

COM 330 Advanced Scriptwriting- 3 credits
Further development of students’ creative writing skills. In contrast to the overview provided in COM 230, students will focus on developing and completing a half-hour television or web series. Prerequisite: COM 230
01 TR 10:40am-12:05pm w/ Prof. Brian Cogan (W018A)

COM 332 Advanced Online Advertisement- 3 credits
This is a course designed to give students an opportunity to gain an advanced understanding of advertising and promotional practices. The focus of this course is on decision-making using multiple mass communication strategies. The course will cover campaigns, not the construction of a single advertisement. Students will use advertising strategies and tactics to understand the consumer and audience analytics being used in most contemporary workplaces.
01 w/ Prof. Karen Beck (Online)

COM 351 Advanced Public Relations– 3 credits
Students research, develop and implement persuasive and promotional campaign strategies appropriate to corporate, governmental and non-profit organizations. This advanced course is designed for those who desire specialized skills in public relations and promotional communication. Emphasis is placed on tactics such as investor relations and employee communications. Prerequisite: COM 254, 255 or 357.
01 w/Prof. Jacqueline Hansen (Online)

COM 352 Advanced Television Production – 3 credits
A continuation of COM 252 and COM 256, with emphasis on how high-definition video sequences are constructed from scripting and shooting through editing and post production. Includes greater stress on audio (audio board, microphones, digital recording and mixing) and lighting techniques for both studio and field production. Digital post production (editing, graphics) and the roles and responsibilities of the TV/video director and other personnel are also covered. Prerequisite: COM 252, 256 or permission of Chairperson.
01 T 6:35pm-9:25pm w/ Prof. Thomas Kenny (W017)

COM 355 History of Media – 3 credits
A survey of the development of media in human communications including newspapers, film, radio, television and the web. Consideration of technological, industrial, and audience dimensions. Attention to the further development of media research and analysis skills.
01 TR 12:15 pm-1:40 pm w/ Prof. Brian Cogan (W019)

COM 356 Film Art- 3 credits
Popular films have a profound influence on our individual and cultural identities. This course emphasizes aesthetic, technical and narrative aspects of popular film focusing especially on how they create meanings. Illustrative examples are screened. A significant portion (at least 50%) is formal oral presentation work. This is a Communications Speech General Education course.
01 MW 10:40am-12:05pm w/ Prof. Deidre Pribram (W004)
02 MW 12:15pm-1:40pm w/ Prof. Deidre Pribram (W018A)

COM 468 COM Internship I – 3 credits
An opportunity for semester or summer involvement in selected professional and/or business organizations, including television networks, public relations departments and other appropriate concerns. Students will be supervised by department personnel and by cooperating personnel in the organization to which they are attached during the internship. Junior status and Chairperson permission needed. Students are required to complete 120 hours at their internship site along with four or more scheduled meetings with their faculty member. 

01 w/Prof. Janice Kelly (Online)

COM 469 COM Internship II – 3 credits
01 w/Prof. Janice Kelly (Online)

COM 478 COM Internship Ill – 3 credits
w/Prof. Janice Kelly (online)

COM 490 COM Seminar ll – 3 credits
Writing-Intensive Course A continuation of the research project undertaken in COM 488. Students will implement specific research methods such as surveys, participant observation or textual analysis. They complete their theses by analyzing and writing up their research findings. The finished thesis will be presented orally and in correct written format. Prerequisite: COM 488.  01 MW 5:00pm – 6:25 pm w/ Prof. Deidre Pribram (W104)
MW 3:25pm – 4:50pm w/ Prof. Deidre Pribram (W104)
03 TR 5:00pm – 6:35pm  w/ Brian Cogan (W019)