Brian Cogan, Ph.D.

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Courses Taught At Molloy
Advanced Video Production
Audiences and the Music Industry
Communications Internships
Communications Seminar I
Communications Seminar II
Field Production
Foundations of Media Theory
Gender and Communication
History of Media
Intercultural Communication
Irish Film and Drama
Media in the 21st Century
Television Studio Production
Understanding Television

Areas of Expertise
Media History and Studies, Popular Culture, Music Studies, Media Ecology, Video Production, Subculture and Identity, Media and Political Participation.

New York University – New York, NY (2002)
. Ph.D. – Media Ecology
. Dissertation: “Wired Words” A frame analysis of newspaper coverage of the introduction of the personal computer and the Internet.

New York University – New York, NY (1996)
. M.A. Media Ecology

St. Johns University – Queens, NY (1989)
. B.S. Communication Arts

“Yeah, Well My god has a HAMMER! Myth-taken Identity in the marvel cinematic Universe” (with Jeff Massey) in Marvel Comics into Film: Essays on Adoptions since the 1940sMathew McEniry, ed. North Carolina, McFarland & company Publishers, 2016.

“Spamalot: Lovingly Ripping off/Ripping on the Establishment” in Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture (with Jeff Massey), Gail Ashton, ed. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015.

“Python Wrassling: Is God Really Real, or is There Some Doubt?” in God and Popular Culture: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Entertainment Industry’s Most Influential Figure. (with Jeff Massey), Stephen Butler Murry and Aimee Upjohn, eds., Praeger Books, 2015.

Baby Boomers and Popular Culture: An Inquiry into America’s Most Powerful Generation (Co-edited with Thomas Gencarelli) 2 Volumes, Praeger Books (2014).

Everything I Ever Needed to Know About _________* I Learned from Monty Python, Including History, Art, Poetry, Communism, Philosophy, the Media, Birth, Death, Religion, Latin Transvestites, Botany, the French, Class Systems, Mythology, Fish Slapping and Many More! (Co-Written with Jeffrey Massey) St. Martins Press (2014).

Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart (2013)

“Controversy in Advertising to Women and Girls” in We Are What We Sell: How Advertising Shapes American Life… and Always Has, Bob Batchelor, ed. ABC-CLIO (2013)

Encyclopedia of Islam and Popular Culture: The Taqwacores: American Muslim Punks (2012).

Encyclopedia of the Sixties: Woody Allen, The Beatles, American Bandstand, Frankie Avalon, Richard Brautigan, British Invasion, John Cage East Village, Hair, The Kinks, The Monkees, Peanuts, Performance Art, Elvis Presley, Rat Pack, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (2012).

“From the 101’ers to the Mescaleros, and whatever band was in-between.  Joe Strummer’s musical journey.  (Or, why Wood?)” in Joe Strummer: Punk Warlord (2012).

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Encyclopedia of the History of Invention and Technology: Book, Daguerreotype, Photography, Printing Press, Radio (2011).

Deconstructing South Park: Critical Examinations of Animated Transgression, Lexington Books (2011).

“Can’t Even Shout, Can’t Even Cry” But You Can Learn! Non-Verbal Communication and Hush.  in Buffy in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching with the Vampire SlayerJodie Kreider and Meghan Witchell, Eds. McFarland Books, Jefferson, North Carolina, (2010).

The Encyclopedia of Punk, Sterling (2010)

Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music (Co-Written with William Phillips), Greenwood (2009).

The Encyclopedia of Politics, the Media and Popular Culture (Co-Authored with Tony Kelso, Iona College) Greenwood Press (2009). 

Mosh the Polls: Youth Voters, Popular Culture, and Democratic Engagement, Lexington Books (2008).

Encyclopedia of Punk Music and Culture, Greenwood (2006).

Faculty Paper Presentations
“Who Occupies the Occupiers? The Increasing Use of Social Media to Monitor, Minimize and Disrupt Dissent.” National Communication Association, November 2015

“After Life, the Magazine, the Splintering of the Categories: Boomers as a Target Audience” (including “Mau-Mau-ing the Press: The Rise of New Journalism”, “Rolling Stone: The Magazine that Marked a Generation”, and “Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese, and the New Journalism as Literature”), Media Ecology Conference, June 2015

“Media Ecology and Cultural Studies: (A Roundtable)” Eastern Communication Association, April 2015

“We are the Knights Who say Ni!/No!/Nu!”: A Monty Python Roundtable, Popular Culture Association, April 2015

“Intellectual Trajectories: Multidisciplinary Research to Fulfill Careers and Build Research Agendas – Roundtable Discussion, Popular Culture Association, April 2015

“James Carey: A Roundtable on his work”, Eastern Communication Association, May 2015

“Acoustic Ecology: From Busk till Dawn” Ecology Conference, June 2013

“Acoustic Ecology: Busing Against the Machine” International Communication Association Conference, June 2013

“New Directions in Popular Culture Studies” Popular Culture Association Conference, April 2013

“Survivors Tell All: War Stories in Academic Publishing” New York State Communication Association, October 2012

“Punk Rock Postman? Media Ecology as Punk Rock” New York State Communication Association, October 2012

Journal of Popular Culture Editorial Board

Media Ecology Association Board of Directors

ABC-Clio Enduring Questions in Popular Culture Editorial Board

Explorations in Media Ecology Book Review Editor