Elisa Marte Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Elisa Marte

Elisa interned for the Communications Department, specifically in the Molloy College TV Studio and media lab. Some of her responsibilities included managing lab hours, filming and editing short films and helping students with a variety of media projects. She also organized field and studio equipment, updated the department website and created ads for events.

“My internship has given me the opportunity to refresh my skills”, explained Elisa. She felt that due to having the opportunity to do a plethora of media projects, she quickly became comfortable and it enabled her to take on many more tasks. Elisa also felt the internship allowed her the opportunity to remain creative. “If I needed help with anything, my internship supervisor Professor Tom Kenny was always available, whether it was about finishing a job or even giving his opinion on film projects I was working on”, Elisa said.

Elisa is also glad that completing an internship is a requirement before graduation. She added, “Doing an internship has definitely helped me and has made me feel prepared for future employment.”

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