Danielle Scheers Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Danielle Scheers

Danielle_InternCommunications students are required to intern for at least one media, professional, or new media company as part of our program. However, students have the option to gain a second internship as a communications elective. Danielle took advantage of this option in order to boost her resume and skills before graduation interning at Connoisseur Media Long Island in the Promotions and Sales department and Comedy Central Enterprises. Danielle gained the internship at Connoisseur Media through a contact while the Comedy Central internship was achieved through applying through the Viacom career website.

Danielle had many responsibilities at both companies that gave her valuable professional experience. At Connoisseur Media, Danielle helped with on-air contesting, promoted the station at events and recorded/transferred music tracks to be downloaded off their websites. At Comedy Central, Danielle made sure all video releases were uploaded to streaming sites such as Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Additionally, she developed public relations one sheets, which provided basic info for different Comedy Central television shows such as stand-ups or specials. In order to familiarize herself with the channel and their series’, Danielle spent many hours watching all of their video content.

Danielle had many goals she wanted to achieve at both internships. She wanted to learn as much as possible in the professional setting, build and make connections with the industries and enjoy the internship experience! One of the most important lesson she learned while interning was a lot of effort goes into each task given, no matter how big or small the project may be. Also, it is important to always ask questions whenever you feel necessary because internships are a valuable learning experience.

In offering advice for students researching their first internship, Danielle advises students to apply to places you think you will benefit from and advance your skills. She also stated, “The worst thing you can do is doubt yourself and think that you won’t get an internship because you are missing one requirement. Be prepared to hear no (or nothing at all), I have had my fair share of rejection.” In giving advice to students who obtained an internship and starting on the first day, Danielle encouraged students to enter with a positive attitude and be excited about your new opportunity. She concluded, “You are there to gain knowledge and experience about a possible future career.”

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