Dana Ardell

Catching Up With: Dana Ardell
Communications Graduate, Class of 2011

When Dana started at Molloy College, she originally was majoring in English.  After taking several courses, she realized it wasn’t exactly the right fit and what she was looking for as a career.  Dana made the switch to Communications.  “I am thankful I made the switch.  I met some pretty amazing people and have fond memories.”

As a Communications student, Dana took several courses in media production learning camera operation, video editing, lighting, and audio to name a few techniques.  While taking Field Production and Television Studio Production, Dana created several short films.  Looking back, Dana realized that the studies courses helped her production skills. “I loved learning everything and anything about broadcast television and video production.  I especially enjoyed taking Understanding Television with Dr. Cogan because he was very knowledgeable in the area and made every class interesting.”   Dana also offered advice to students’ about to take their first production course.  “Find balance, work hard, and have fun!  Till this day, being a Communications student at Molloy College was truly one of the best times in my life.  I had a ton of fun, but still studied hard and spent countless hours in the studio working and learning from others.”

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Two of Dana’s favorite courses as a Communications student were Film Art and History of Media.  She felt that both courses were challenging and helped her overcome her own difficulties and insecurities as a student.  While taking those courses, Professor Janice Kelly was always offering Dana advice.  “Dr. Kelly was a strong and positive woman who was a great mentor to me.  She provided me with tough love and a book full of advice for which I am very grateful.  She taught me to always stay confident in myself and in my skills.”

One of the requirements of the Communications major is taking COM 468: Communications Internships.  This gives students hands on professional experience at a media production company or a public relations firm.  Students take their skills from the classroom and apply that knowledge to their internship while also learning from industry professionals.  Dana interned for Zwanger and Peseri Radiology in the marketing department.  She worked hands on with the marketing manager to coordinate company events and fundraisers.  When offering advice to students about to intern Dana stated, “Set personal goals that you want to achieve during your internship and ask a lot of questions.  Goal setting is especially important for interns to ensure that you gain the relevant skills employers are seeking when hiring future full time employees.”

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After graduating in May 2011, Dana started her career as an Account Coordinator for a print and digital media agency.  “I am working really hard right now and just proud that I stayed true to what makes me happy the most.  I have nothing but positivity in my life and am looking forward to see my amazing career grow.”

In closing, Dana offered advice to students about to graduate.  “Take every opportunity that crosses your path and learn from it.  Find out what you truly want and what you’re good at.  Work a million different jobs until you find that one that makes you the happiest!  Don’t work to just have a job, work to build an amazing career for yourself.”

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