Codi Reiser

Catching Up With: Codi Reiser
Communications Graduate, Class of 2013

Codi 1When Codi decided to become a communications major, she specialized in the professional area due to a desire to work in marketing or event planning. Codi’s journey at Molloy College started when she was a freshman, undecided major. She took Dr. Janice Kelly’s Gender and Communications course as an elective while trying out a variety of different classes to help make the choice in the field she wanted to pursue. Codi enjoyed the class so much that she wanted to learn more about the field of communications. “I felt that Communications has a lot of diversity where the skills and techniques in the classroom crosses over to many jobs or careers”, said Codi.

While looking back at the communications courses the major has to offer, Codi’s favorite classes were public relations, event planning, introduction to new media and any course where she was able to learn video editing. Even though Codi chose Professional Communications as her main focus, she decided to take a minor in new media where she was part of the first graduating class able to achieve that honor. As part of the new media minor, Codi took several classes such as video storytelling for the web where she filmed and edited several short movies. Codi added, “Working with my classmates on different videos and short movies was a lot of work, but was a lot of fun at the same time.” She also has a lot of fond memories from the professors in the Communications Department at Molloy College. “My professors always encouraged me to interact with many people and create connections. Connections get you far in life. You may not have the best resume when you graduate but if you work hard at what you do, and you meet people in the right places, it can take you further than you expect”, stated Codi.

The connections Codi mentioned started while she interned for a Lacrosse summer team. As a communications major, each student is required to intern either in their junior or senior year for an entire semester. While interning for the lacrosse summer team, Codi combined both her professional and new media skills into the professional setting where she created all of their social media pages as well as market new programs the team was creating. The lacrosse connection does not stop at her internship as many of Codi’s favorite memories came from playing on the women’s lacrosse team at Molloy College. Codi found being a student athlete was a lot of hard work, but worth every moment. “When coming into college as a freshman athlete, you are able to make friends before you enter the classroom due to practices, workouts, etc. This makes the transition from high school to college a little easier. Through the women’s lacrosse team, I received many athletic and academic awards that I am very proud of”, said Codi.

The decision to focus on professional communications and minor in new media turned out to be the right path for Codi to take. After graduating from Molloy College with her degree in Communications, Codi moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Once settled in, she landed a job working for the Nashville Predators NHL hockey team working in both the merchandise and social media departments.   Codi is the main point person running the team’s Twitter account and is looking to build more of a social media presence for the Predators! “I am in the process of creating a Facebook page for them to display store merchandise with hopes of boosting revenue sales and gain more fans of the team”, added Codi. When asked which skills have had the most effect on her career so far, she mentioned both video editing and social media. She credits all of the social media skills learned from the new media courses she took and they have all helped her in her current job for the Nashville Predators. Codi has also been working with a music producer from Nashville where she edited a music video for him. She credits her video editing techniques and theories learned from taking several media production and post production courses with Professor Tom Kenny.Codi 2

When asked if there was any advice she would give to a freshman about to take their first communications course, Codi stated, “Pay attention and learn all aspects of communications. Learning to read people in a professional environment is very important. People have different personalities and it is important to learn how to handle any situation you may find yourself post graduation.” When asked if she had any advice to a student about to graduate, Codi said, “Make connections with as many people as you can. Don’t be shy and talk to a lot of people, you never know who can help you. Networking is crucial!”

Codi is just starting out her career and has goals for the future she is looking to achieve. She wants to continue moving up the ladder and progressing further at her current company. She also wants to continue adding more skills to her resume. Codi closes out by stating, “Hard work pays off and if you work hard, any company will see that and ask you to advance with them. “

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