Cecelia Bocker Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Cecelia Bocker

cece_picCecelia interned at a public relations firm located in Deer Park, New York called Prescription PR during the summer 2015 semester. She was able to gain the internship with Prescription PR due to the CEO being a close family friend. As an intern, she had many responsibilities, which included managing different social media platforms, creating monthly newsletters, and putting together supplies that would be delivered to potential clients. Cecelia also wrote blogs that would be posted on clients’ websites.

During the internship, she incoporated skills from her professional communications courses to help complete tasks. Cecelia utilized discussion techniques learned from Dr. Janice Kelly and writing techniques learned in Public Relations and PR Writing courses. One piece of advice she received from her internship coordinator is, “Anytime you leave an internship or job in the future, stay in touch occasionally. You never know when a past connection is going to be beneficial in the future.”

Overall, Cecelia found the internship to be one of the best experiences of her life. She believes the internship helped her secure other internships during her college tenure, along with earning employment at a marketing firm after graduation. Cecelia absolutely recommends an internship at Prescription PR to other Communications students. In giving advice to students about to start an internship, Cecelia stated, “Be confident in yourself. Speak up when you have ideas. Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re talking about or have worthwhile ideas. If someone asks for your opinion, respectfully give it.”

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