Caroline Kornobis Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Caroline Kornobis

Caroline_picCaroline interned at an online marketing agency called The Marketry Inc., which specializes in graphic design, email marketing, and online reputation management. She acquired this internship after hearing about it from a friend. Prior to getting this internship, Caroline created an account on and went on several interviews in NYC in hopes of finding a good match. In selecting her internship Caroline said, “The one I took worked better with my school and work schedule, but had I not been so lucky, I would recommend, it’s a fantastic vehicle.” She had many roles within the company that changed daily. She remodeled certain websites from scratch, created online content for those websites and emails as well, and would be in charge of certain graphic images and designs for recipient lists of restaurants in the area.

Caroline had several goals she wanted to achieve at her internship. In addressing her ambitions, she added, “My goals for my fall internship were to learn the tricks of the trade of this kind of career and become confident and comfortable in the kind of work it required. By the end of the semester I had achieved these goals as I became proficient in building websites and creating new content every week.” Caroline also felt that the internship helped her with time management because she had to balance school, working full-time, and an internship, which included attending meetings and working from home. Caroline stated, “About a month through, I got a pretty good feel for how I should be managing my time and found myself in a good routine.”

She was lucky enough to work with many experienced professionals at her internship. Caroline mentioned that one of the most important pieces of advice her supervisor gave to her was the importance of networking. Caroline, added, “You never know when your networks can help you get a foot in the door, so it’s important to establish and maintain positive relationships with people on your journey.” After explaining her internship experience, Caroline wanted to give advice to students starting their first day at an internship. “Do not get so worked up for your first day. Relax; you’re only an intern! I was plenty nervous getting ready for my first day, thinking I was going to be expected to know everything. Everyone understands you’re an intern and are here to learn, and odds are people are going to be patient and willing to help you. So for your first day, I’d say relax, but get excited, because there’s no telling where this opportunity could lead you!”

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