Brian Flatley

Catching Up With: Brian Flatley
Communications Graduate, Class of 2006

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After Brian graduated from Molloy college in 2006 with a degree in Communications, he went on to become a producer and videographer for ABC News Productions.  The productions Brian has worked on has appeared on national networks such as National Geographic, Discovery Times, A&E, Biography Channel, TLC, and Court TV/TRU TV.

‘NY Med’ is the latest series he was a part of as a producer handling the majority of the filming and post-production. ‘NY Med’ is an eight part documentary series insides New York’s top hospitals.  “We spent 4 months inside New York Presbyterian Hospitals from February-June last year. Throughout those 4 months I spent about 70 hours a week filming everything from ER traumas to any type of organ transplant”, said Brian.   Additionally, he was specifically responsible for performing as a “one-man-band” in the field and had the freedom to produce and film whichever doctor, nurse or patient story he was assigned to.

As much as Brian enjoyed this, he also mentions how how much work goes into a production.  “Filming for these shows presents a challenge from a technical as well as artistic angle. Juggling sound, camera, all the while trying to maintain artistic quality and produce a story at the same time within a hospital setting can be tough. Some days are more exciting than others but the overall experience is thrilling. Essentially NY Med is the culmination of over 3000 hours of footage condensed into 8 hours”.

‘NY Med’ aired Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC

For a NY Times Review on the series, click here

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