Becky Arnzen Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Becky Arnzen

Becky4In my senior year as I communications student at Molloy College, I interned at Korg USA, Inc. (PR & Marketing).  I was able to attain the internship through Dr. Janice Kelly (internship coordinator). Someone at Korg USA, Inc. emailed Dr. Kelly seeking a student to intern for the company and she recommended me.

Going into my internship I wanted to be immersed in the PR and marketing field.  I wanted to gain first-hand experience and knowledge in writing press releases, doing online research, and seeing how a major company manages and develops their marketing/PR tactics. During my internship, I was responsible for scanning and filing the company’s print and online media, completing online research on various topics for new PR ideas or opportunities, and writing press releases for new products, events, and contests. Additionally, I contacted media outlets for information on retail opportunities and sponsorship, as well as developed new marketing strategies.

I initially took this particular internship over a different one because it is a “well known” music company and not only did I feel I would receive more responsibilities, but I felt it could help me build contacts. Also, I knew that Korg has a very good reputation in the music industry and it was something I believed I would do well in. I was given such great opportunities and they treated me like an important part of the team so that I could actually learn! While at Korg, I learned a lot about musical instruments in general (guitars, amps, pianos, drums, bass guitars/amps). I also learned a lot from my supervisor, who is also the PR and marketing manager. She helped me write press releases specifically for different functions. She also gave me career advice, such as always pushing yourself to do better. Even if there isn’t an opportunity for advancement, push yourself to do a specific job better each time and don’t be afraid to ask for other’s input especially when it comes to creative tasks. She talked about the marketing industry and explained that a lot of jobs (in this field) may not require a master’s degree, but experience is a huge benefit that gives you the most knowledge.Becky3

To give advice to students looking for an internship or about to start one, be bold! I wish I had spoken up more when I had a good idea or new way of doing something, but it’s easy to let people who know what they’re talking about intimidate you. I would also say don’t necessarily look for the “big name” companies just so it looks good on a resume. A lot of those places will more than likely have you making copies and getting coffee. Take smaller companies into consideration that are still reputable and do their job well. Korg is a small office with a big name behind them, so I felt like I got the best of both worlds. With a smaller team to work with, you can learn from each person that brings something different to the table, and you will more than likely be valued and challenged in the office. With that in mind, also take the time (and don’t be shy) in getting to know the people you work with (networking)! Not only for the relationships, but for the knowledge that they will be able to offer you. Ask them lots of questions to LEARN! They’re the professionals, they’ve probably been there for quite some time, and more than likely they’ll want to help you succeed.

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