Austin Valenti Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Austin Valenti

austin_picIn the spring 2015 semester, Austin accepted an internship with the Athlete Network, which is an online platform to connect and network with people of similar career interests. He was an intern along with about 100+ student athletes. Throughout the internship his responsibilities varied, but the goal was to always help the athlete network grow. Some tasks included reaching out to athletes on social media, going to games or promoting to businesses.

Austin credited many of his classes for helping him through the internship. He specifically mentioned the video editing course because he was able to put together short videos to post on social media that promoted the athlete network brand. Also, working with the Communication department faculty on his interviewing techniques was vital when working with athletes and industry professionals.

Before completing the internship, Austin did receive advice from his internship coordinator on the importance of punctuality stating, “Make sure you are getting your tasks done in a timely fashion, but also efficiently.” In giving advice to students interning this semester, Austin advises students to pay attention to time management. Austin added, “Personally as a student athlete I had a lot going on during my internship, but you have to put aside a certain about of time each day or each week to make sure your work gets done. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

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