Arthena Sherwood Alumni Article


Arthena_Article_picArthena was a Professional Communications major with a minor in Biology. She started at Molloy as a Nursing student, but realized the profession was not for her. After doing some initial research, she made the switch to Communications and felt it was a good fit for her because she was the event planner and Vice President of the Molloy College Step Team. Arthena’s initial goal for the program was to not only graduate, but also make the Dean’s List of Distinguished Students. She accomplished this goal as she made the list for two consecutive semesters.

In looking back at her time at Molloy, Arthena stated that senior seminar was her favorite course. She added, “I learned so much in such a short period of time and senior seminar brought my writing skills to another level.” The subject of her paper was the positive influence hip-hop music has made on urban culture and youth. Arthena credits a lot of her success today from the advice she received from Dr. Kelly. The advice she received from Dr. Kelly was encouraging on how to be successful. Arthena said, “she motivated me as a student and continues to motivate me as a professional.”

All communications students are required to complete an internship before graduation. Arthena interned for the City Council of New York, specifically for Council Member Julissa Ferreras. She was responsible for generating content for the council member’s social media pages, took pictures during press conferences, and assisted with press releases. This internship turned out to be her favorite memory from her time at Molloy College. Currently, Arthena is the Communications Associate for Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA). She is responsible for running the company’s website and social media channels. A main function of her position is proposing new ways to better the company’s brand, travel to regional tournaments and conferences, and is the internal communication with the ENYYSA 11 member leagues. She credits all of her public relations courses at Molloy College for helping her the most in her current position. Arthena stated, “Good PR is essential for any organization, especially non-profits. Professor D’Aloisio really went above and beyond of teaching the fundamentals of PR. She made sure we understood the concept of Public Relations and provided me with the tools and skills I needed to help grow any company.”

Since graduation and her time at the ENYYSA, Arthena was appointed as a chair member of the Marketing Committee! With this position, it has given her the role of making all marketing decisions and how to use the company’s budget. In the future, Arthena still wants to pursue event planning, as it is still a passion of hers. She hopes to start her own event planning company one day.

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