Andrew Stoeckert Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Andrew Stoeckert

Andrew_InternLast semester, communications media student Andrew Stoeckert interned for the New York Islanders hockey team, specifically their website television channel, Islanders TV. Andrew located and attained the internship with help of the communications department. Adjunct Instructor Nicole Stevens also works as an audio editor for NHL Tonight and Professor Tom Kenny previously worked for Islanders TV. Both communications professors helped Andrew set up an interview for the position.

Andrew had many responsibilities during the course of the internship. He worked as both a camera operator and video editor for game packages, team practices and pre/post game interviews with the players and coaches. All of these responsibilities helped Andrew reach his goal of wanting to learn more about the sports industry and increase his skills learned in the classroom pertaining to camera operation and video editing techniques to professional standards.

While working many Islanders games during the season, Andrew learned it’s fine to make mistakes when working on production assignments because the internship is a learning process and your new colleagues are there to help you along the way. He also learned the importance of building relationships with his colleagues because once Andrew graduates, he can contact them for future opportunities. The Producer for Islanders TV, Alex Leafer gave Andrew plenty of advice to take away with him such as to make sure you are always trying new things and don’t be afraid to make mistakes because you will learn from them.

In giving advice to students looking for an internship Andrew states, “Look anywhere and everywhere and don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone because it may allow you to learn something new and maybe even like something you never wanted to try.” For those who are starting their first day at an internship, Andrew adds, “Don’t be shy. Get to know your internship head and start a bond because communications is a social industry. Basically, be as personable and outgoing as you can because it will help in the long run.”

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