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Ronnie Amato, Communications Graduate, Class of 2017

Ronnie Amato graduated from Molloy College with a degree in Media Communications and a minor in New Media.  Ronnie chose to major in media because he wanted the opportunity to create content on a daily basis.“I have a passion for storytelling and to match that I have an even bigger appetite to [better] my skills,” says Ronnie.

During his time as a COM student Ronnie worked as a content creator for Molloy College where he directed and edited various promotional materials for the PR department. He also worked in New York City as an assistant editor in both film and television. The ability to work in the field was very rewarding for Ronnie. “I learned how much time creativity takes and found appreciation for the people who make that happen,” he says.

Ronnie ended his senior year as an intern at Bunim-Murray Production in Los Angeles, California where he was exposed to all areas of post-production.

When asked if he has any advice for fellow COM students Ronnie says, “Intern as much as you can, even if it isn’t paid. What you do outside of the classroom is just as important if not more important than what you do in the classroom.”

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