Alumni Article

Catching Up With: Samantha Esposito
Communications Graduate, Class of 2017

Samantha graduated from Molloy College with a degree in Professional Communications with a minor in Marketing.  She chose to major in communications because she wanted the opportunity to study and explore various career paths. “Being a COM major introduced me to the many career paths one can have within the industry- anywhere from advertising to TV broadcasting,” says Samantha.

Although Samantha was not interested in Television production she was able to take TV Studio production as an elective, a class she now refers to as one of her favorites. “I didn’t think I was going to like this class, but I ended up loving it because it was very hands on, as we got to learn about the equipment that could be found in a real television studio. “ Samantha also enjoyed her advertising courses where she was given the opportunity to create an advertising campaign for a failing business.

Samantha feels the Communications Department at Molloy has provided her with the necessary resources and knowledge she needs in order to start a successful career in the industry.

Samantha is currently working as a Public Relations assistant at a Long Island PR firm. Her goal is to learn as much as she can in her current position in hopes of working her way up to overseeing accounts and working with clients directly.  When it comes to advice for current communications students Samantha encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and take classes they wouldn’t normally be taking. She adds, “You might surprise yourself and even find a new passion.”


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