Jillian DiBlasi

Catching Up With: Jillian DiBlasi
Communications Minor, Class of 2012

Jill graduated from Molloy with a degree in English and minors in Communications and Women’s Studies.  As a freshman in the spring of 2009, Jill took a Communications Course with Dr. Pribram while in Italy as part of the Global Learning Program, titled Intercultural Communications.  “After taking the course, I found an interest in Communications.  At the same time, I was managing editor, writer, and editor-in-chief for the Molloy Forum and Communications was a way to connect all of my interests together.”  At the time, her goal as a Communications minor was to take a mixture of courses in both the media and professional areas of the discipline.

Public speaking is one of the skills that she acquired during her time at Molloy that will be continually utilized in both current and future career paths.  Since all of the Communications courses require public speaking as part of the course goals, Jill quickly lost her nerves and got comfortable as time went on.  New media is another skill she feels will be pivotal in her career advancement.  She learned how new media can be used as a utility to search for jobs and the potential careers social media provides to all occupations being in the age of technology.  Speaking of new media, Online Content Production was a course she took with Professor Kenny that has had an effect on a previous job where the skills learned in class became an important part her job duties such as web design and blogging using the content management system, Word Press.  Jill was able to showcase her website she created in class to her Deputy Director.  This provided her an entry way to update and design the website at that position after showing off the skills she learned and applying them in the field. After taking Professor Cohen’s Introduction to New Media course, Jill learned what she felt was one of the most important lessons during her time at Molloy.  “Be aware of your online presence by typing your name in Google and regularly checking the privacy settings on the social media platforms you use because it could hurt your chances attaining your future occupation”.  All of this combined explains her favorite memory as a Communications minor, which was that courses were both studies and provided a hands-on learning experience.

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Jill took a very active role in Molloy Student Government serving as Class President from freshman to senior.  Some of her fondest memories are going to all of the retreats and conferences with fellow government members.  “The unity and bond formed with all of the student government members helps describe what Molloy life is like today: a family atmosphere. Coincidentally, her involvement led to her figuring out what she wanted to do as a career, which is higher education administration.  This goal was accomplished quickly as Jill was accepted to Baruch College and started classes three months after graduation in August of that same year.   To this date, her proudest life accomplishment is finishing the program and gaining her Master’s Degree in less than one year’s time (two semesters of fifteen and eighteen credits respectively) while working three jobs and being the event coordinator for the higher education club.   “The strongest tool I learned while at Molloy College that helped me in graduate school was professionalism and how to hold yourself through all of the classes I took”.

The three job titles previously mentioned were all held at Baruch College. Even after graduating, Jill stayed on over the summer as Lab Assistant Supervisor where planned retreats, administered hands on training classes, conducted orientations, supervised work-study students, and all of the daily office duties.  She was also  Lab Assistant and Project Manager for Career Development at Baruch College.

In September 2013, Jill began the next phase of her career as she started at Vaughn College as the Internship Coordinator.  For this position, Jill conducts resume and cover letter reviews, works with students on obtaining internships, works with employers on creating potential internships for students, coordinates all of the internships on campus, manages the department’s social media accounts, and assists in career services’ events.  Additionally, beginning in September 2014, Jill has been accepted and will begin her doctorate degree in Education Leadership & Learning at Aspen University.Jill D pic 4

Jill offered advice to students looking to minor in Communications.  “Take chances and take a class in each of the tracks (media, professional, and new media) even if it counts only as an elective because you never know where that class may lead you.”  She also offered advice to students about to graduate.  “Look at all of your options and plan ahead.  Whether it is six months or twenty months, always have a plan.  Don’t wait till after graduation is over to start thinking about your next step.”

What is Jill’s dream and career goal?  She wants to be a College President!  “I like administration and I would like to start a lot of programs within a college.  Also, I want to foster the environment and the open-door policy that President Drew Bogner started here at Molloy College into other universities.”

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