Alexa Boccia Internship Experience

My Internship Experience: Alexa Boccia

AlexaB_InternAlexa Boccia interned at PickaPen, a startup online company for branding.  She was responsible for managing the social media page for the company.  She found her internship through, a website that refines searches depending on what job seekers are looking for specifically.  The goals Alexa had when her internship began involved exploring avenues social media can open up for companies.  She also hoped to form a connection with her supervisor in order to gain insight on the most enjoyable parts of the industry.  Having built up a rapport with the supervisor, Alexa can now refer back to her in future job searches.

During her internship, Alexa learned how a social media account for business differs as opposed to a personal account.  Online branding can lead to better opportunities for future employment.  Alexa was advised to maintain a strong social media presence with quality conversation.  She was urged to reach out to people and make valuable connections.

Alexa advises students seeking internships to send their resume out to as many companies as possible, in order to increase opportunities.  She encourages others to not be intimidated by internship applications, and take chances.  She reminds students that internships that do not meet certain expectations can still be valuable learning experiences.  She encourages positivity and keeping an open mind about new experiences.  She tells students not to be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and to not be shy about bringing their ideas to the table.

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