About the Communications Department

AX8Q0235Welcome to the Molloy Communications Department! Our stimulating, multi-faceted program includes valuable hands-on experience and academic training. We will guide you through the dynamic interplay of communication theory and practice and, then, we’ll show you how to effectively translate the skills you learn into professional employment or graduate study. Students also do an exciting internship at prominent media, new media, public relations, and other companies.

The Communications Department offers majors in Communications (either a Media or Professional Communications concentration), New Media, and Communications/Childhood Education. These programs will develop and enhance your speaking, listening, writing, and critical thinking skills. Facilities available to the Media concentration include a HD television studio, HD location-shooting equipment, and digital editing systems. The Department also offers minors in New Media, Media, Professional Communications & Journalism. To view course information, click here.

Communications: Media

The Media major is focused around preparing students for careers in areas such as television and film production, as well as media management.  Alternatively, it offers classes on film and television studies, cultural studies, broadcast journalism, media production or media management.

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Major in New Media!

Gender Swap_2016New Media is a major geared toward studying the culture, history and production behind casual forms of expression, such as memes and tropes. It is aimed at digital literacy, offering classes on online content, web design, writing, web series and video storytelling. Students will learn how new media affects culture and be engaged through social media.

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Communications: Professional 

Professional Communications offers a look into the world of Public Relations and event planning at Molloy College. These studies cover a broad range, to correlate with the reach of this exciting industry.  Students will take courses including Public Relations, Advertising, Organizational, Interpersonal, and Gender in Communications. An internship is required in the program.

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Meet the Communications Faculty

Learn all about the communications faculty and their professional background and experience. Here, you will find faculty academic research, publications, education and more! 

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Communications Podcast

The Communications Podcast is hosted by Professor Tom Kenny with new episodes posted each month during the semester. Professor Kenny interviews current students, graduates, faculty, staff and professionals in the communications industry.

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 Alumni Articles – Catching Up With Communications Graduates

Our graduates are fortunate to have amazing stories to share with our current communications students. Each month during the semester, you can find a brand new article catching up with a communications alum! Our graduates share with you their experience as a COM student, internship & course advice, their current job in the industry and so much more!

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The Student Experience

“The Communications Department at Molloy has given me so many opportunities throughout my college experience. The professors are so knowledgable and inspiring and I really look up to them. They take time out of their day to meet us when needed and always have a solution to our problems. The classes offered are very compelling and I enjoyed every single one of them. I will always cherish the moments here!”
Samantha Cheung: Communications Graduate May 2017

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of the communications department at Molloy. Throughout my years, I have learned so much more than I could of possibly imagined. Being able to learn with a combination of media, new media and professional communications broadened the ways in which life can take me. Getting the chance to experience this all is something that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I am forever thankful for the most amazing professors that have made such an impact on me, and for the lifelong friendships I made along the way!”
Brittany Gervase: Communications Graduate May 2016

“I’m grateful to have been a part of the Communications program at Molloy. I have learned so much, and gained so much experience during my four years here. The professors are always accommodating and willing to help you do your best. The small class sizes allow you to get to know your peers well, and allows professors to know you on a more personal level. The Communications Department is always striving to improve their equipment as much as they can which gives students an opportunity to work with the best stuff around. I can say with confidence that I am prepared for my future job search and have the skills necessary to perform the job well thanks to Molloy.”
Shannon Appel: Communications Graduate May 2015

“Having the opportunity to be a student in the Communications Department at Molloy is something I am forever grateful for. I was able to learn and develop a combination of media, professional, and new media skills that I will carry with me into my future career. I am so thankful to have met such amazing professors, staff, and fellow classmates and I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Molloy for anything!”
Jess Falcone: Communications Graduate May 2014

“Coming to Molloy as a transfer student and only having a year and a half left didn’t leave much time for me to create long lasting memories, but luckily I was proven wrong thanks to the COM department. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting within the department but at the same time they’re ready to challenge you, push you and put you to the test. I’ve learned so many life lessons from my time at Molloy and the COM department is the sole reason why. It’s not always about what you learn in the classroom but how you apply it outside the classroom. Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career. Luckily, not even a year after graduation and I’ve already landed my career job and I couldn’t imagine it happening without the people and experiences I encountered through the Molloy Communications Department.”
Kelly Ann Keenan: Communications Graduate December 2013

“My experience at Molloy College has been invaluable to me. It has boosted my confidence, given me skills I could not have otherwise acquired and given me a step-up in my chosen career field. I am now versed in current media trends, understand the foundation for Communication theory and am well versed in doing academic research – all valuable tools Molloy offered me through my degree study.”
Karenlyn Barone: Communications Graduate May 2012

“My experience with the Molloy Communications Department is one that I will forever be grateful for. I received a great education from the faculty and staff who are truly passionate about what they teach. Graduating from the program was bittersweet because you do become part of a community with the other people in the program, but in the end I knew I was ready to take on a career in the field that I wanted and for that I say thank you.”
Jess Larkin: Communications Graduate May 2011

“My time at Molloy College is very special to me, and the Communications Department is the reason. The knowledge I gained and the friendships I made will be with me for the rest of my life. I wasn’t just going to college, I was learning and growing as a person, with my family. Every high school graduate should have that opportunity, to be a part of the Molloy Communications Department Family.”
Matt Rizzo: Communications Graduate May 2010

“I had a wonderful experience attaining my Communications degree at Molloy. It was a journey that positively affected me to pursue a career in Higher Education and work with students in hopes they too will have the same great experience. The professors were extremely dedicated and experts in their field. Our small class environment allowed you to truly grasp what was being taught, and it also encouraged your professor and peers to get to know you well. The Communications Department was a very supportive environment and I would go back again in a heartbeat!”
Mary Crimmins: Communications Graduate December 2009

“With a career like mine, it’s an absolute necessity to be knowledgeable in the ever-changing world of media and technologies, a world that changes every day. My experience at Molloy College has greatly assisted me in not only knowing how to fully grasp current media trends, but it has also given me the ability to knowledgeably research into it’s future.”
Michael Mendez: Communications Graduate December 2008