About the Communications Department

Media Section PicWelcome to the Molloy Communications Department! Our stimulating, multi-faceted program includes valuable hands-on experience and academic training. We will guide you through the dynamic interplay of communication theory and practice and, then, we’ll show you how to effectively translate the skills you learn into professional employment or graduate study. Students also do an exciting internship at prominent media, new media, public relations, and other companies.

The Communications Department offers majors in Communications (either a Media or Professional Communications concentration), New Media, and Communications/Childhood Education. These programs will develop and enhance your speaking, listening, writing, and critical thinking skills. Facilities available to the Media concentration include a HD television studio, HD location-shooting equipment, and digital editing systems. The Department also offers minors in New Media, Media, Professional Communications & Journalism. To view course information, click here & to view our department brochure, click here

Alumni Articles – Catching Up With COM Graduates

Jess LaurenOur graduates are fortunate to have amazing stories to share with our current communications students. Each month during the semester, we post a brand new article catching up with a communications alum from all three specializations (new media, professional and media)! Our graduates share with you their experience as a COM student, internship & course advice, current job in the industry and so much more!

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Meet the Communications Faculty

Brian SectionEach semester, the communications department produces a video series we call “Spotlight.” This short interview series brings you inside the classroom of a COM department faculty member giving insight on their classes, background, experience, research, publications, goals, interests, advice for student and much more! New episodes are post each month during the semester. Click here for our latest edition with Communications chair, Dr. Brian Cogan!

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Communications Podcast

The Communications Podcast hosted by Professor Tom Kenny with new episodes each month during the semester. Professor Kenny interviews current students, graduates, faculty, staff and professionals in the communications industry.

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The Student Experience

“Having the opportunity to be a student in the Communications Department at Molloy is something I am forever grateful for. I was able to learn and develop a combination of media, professional, and new media skills that I will carry with me into my future career. I am so thankful to have met such amazing professors, staff, and fellow classmates and I wouldn’t trade my experiences at Molloy for anything!”
Jess Falcone: Communications Graduate May 2014

“My experience at Molloy College has been invaluable to me. It has boosted my confidence, given me skills I could not have otherwise acquired and given me a step-up in my chosen career field. I am now versed in current media trends, understand the foundation for Communication theory and am well versed in doing academic research – all valuable tools Molloy offered me through my degree study.”
Karenlyn Barone: Communications Graduate May 2012

“I had a wonderful experience attaining my Communications degree at Molloy. It was a journey that positively affected me to pursue a career in Higher Education and work with students in hopes they too will have the same great experience. The professors were extremely dedicated and experts in their field. Our small class environment allowed you to truly grasp what was being taught, and it also encouraged your professor and peers to get to know you well. The Communications Department was a very supportive environment and I would go back again in a heartbeat!”
Mary Crimmins: Communications Graduate December 2009

“With a career like mine, it’s an absolute necessity to be knowledgeable in the ever-changing world of media and technologies, a world that changes every day. My experience at Molloy College has greatly assisted me in not only knowing how to fully grasp current media trends, but it has also given me the ability to knowledgeably research into it’s future.”
Michael Mendez: Communications Graduate December 2008